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With our expertise in frameworks like Express.js and databases like MongoDB, we deliver high-performance solutions tailored to unique requirements. With seamless integration, efficient workflow, and optimal outcomes, our developers ensure satisfaction in top-notch server-side development. Software developers use computer coding languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python and C++.

hire software development teams

This enables you to assess whether the agency is a good fit for your team. The following stage is to search the vendor market for a prospective fit. Each person is paid on an hourly basis, and you only pay for the hours performed. Renting an office for the team, acquiring equipment, paying taxes, paying electricity bills, and so on are none of your concern.


The important part is that you communicate this with the vendor ahead of time to see if they support your chosen methodology. Regardless of the niche, cybersecurity is always important in app development. A reputable app agency will always highlight its security certifications and methods, so keep an eye out for those. Also be mindful of what your needs are in terms of security, confidentiality, and copyright.

hire software development teams

To fully realize the potential of your project, you’ll need a strong team of developers to help you along the way. Within a dedicated team, you can be confident that the people you begin working with will see the project through to completion. When your project budget is strictly limited, the dedicated team approach may not be the ideal option. In this scenario, a fixed-price model is more than adequate to produce the desired result. If you’re building your first PoC and need competent professionals, the dedicated team model could come in handy. In this post, we will go over the several benefits of hiring a professional software development team to meet your specific project requirements.

How Turing builds your managed development team

Now that you have a better understanding of what such collaboration is about, let’s figure out where to find the best-match partners. Let’s talk about your business needs and figure out the best solution. Just fill in this form and get a free individual proposal from your personal manager. Usually, this process is the same everywhere, so I will describe the core stages. While business needs speak for themselves, the project ones need further examination. Coordinate the team’s workflow, deadlines, and working hours to reach the proper KPIs of your project.

hire software development teams

Through staff augmentation, we find and onboard experts, merge them with your in-house team. It’s a good choice when cost savings are needed or specific technical skills are lacking in the local talent pool. By utilizing competent project management and trusted processes, risks can be minimized. At Relevant, you can hire dedicated software development team with extensive experience in your domain. Our dedicated developers go beyond just handling tasks and writing code; they focus on delivering value, building solutions, and addressing real-world problems. Additionally, they willingly share their expertise with your in-house staff at no cost, discussing the intricacies of your project.

Hire dedicated teams from a reliable vendor

The team comprises all the specialists required for a complete software development team. Exploring the vast global talent pool in search of a top-notch offshore development team can be a real struggle. Moreover, adhering to our recommendations allows you to streamline the process and discover the perfect team for your project faster and more efficiently.

  • The scope can also tell you about the resources required, such as the development team.
  • You will benefit from our qualified project managers, who are ready to support and accommodate your specific requirements.
  • Our team works for quality, and the fulfillment of duties shows the level of our corporate culture and empathy for the success of our clients’ businesses.
  • Nonetheless, while Agile is the preferred methodology, others such as waterfall and prototyping have a place as well.
  • You must consider many things like budget, skill, experience, project time, etc.
  • A development team’s composition is always reliant on the project’s requirements.

For starters, if your project has clean-cut requirements, you can go for the fixed-price model instead. There’s simply no need for a dedicated software development team when the project is small, short-term, and has a specifically defined work scope and chosen tech stack. If you know exactly what you need, make a fixed-price arrangement with outsourced developers.

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Hiring our dedicated software development team gives you the necessary specialists under your full control, much like your in-house team. The only difference is the remote nature of the team and our handling of all administrative tasks. Asia has long been the go-to destination for companies seeking cost-effective offshore development solutions.

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