Getting the Most Out of Your Board Meeting

To make the most of your board meeting, you need to organize your meetings in a way that encourage leadership and commitment. The majority of the time should be devoted to discussing strategies and approving action plans. This is the job of board members and their varied skills can be extremely beneficial.

To show respect to the busy schedules of fellow board members, start the meeting promptly. Don’t let the committee’s reports be too long since it could cause the rest of the meeting to be diverted. To ensure everyone is on the right track the chair must summarize the main points of minutes and board package from the last meeting before moving to new topics.

Make sure your board materials are distributed in time for directors to have time to review them before the meeting, but not too early that information becomes stale and forgotten. The ideal timing is between two and three days before the board meeting, giving directors plenty of time to look over the materials. Consistently preparing board members with the tools they require to focus on governance and allows them to attend meetings. Use a collaboration tool to review and edit board documents. This will allow everyone on the team to review and edit documents even after they have been shared. So, any changes are instantly shared with all members, which keeps everyone on the same on the same page.

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